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KCBS BBQ Competitors

The Kansas City Barbeque Society has strict guidelines for their cook team competitors, but the reward is well worth it! If you wish to compete in the KCBS event, please click on the application link below.


Please note: All participants in the KCBS BBQ Competition must complete a W-9 to be eligible for prize money, which has been provided below for your convenience. Apply on-line or by mail:

2018 Cook Team Application
W-9 Form

KCBS Judges Applications

KCBS has strict by-laws and guidelines for their judges.  All Rock’n Ribville judges must be certified by KCBS as a judge.  All certified judges that are interested in applying to participate in this year’s Rock’n Ribville event are encouraged submit their application for a coveted spot at the Judges Table. For information on how to become a Certified KCBS Judge, please CLICK HERE

2018 KCBS Judges Application

BBQ Competitors

Rock’n Ribville is proud to announce its 5th year of sanctioning by the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS), the world’s largest competitive barbeque organization!  Why compete? Let's see if this answers your question:

Payout Schedule for Rock’n Ribville


        Grand Champion                    $2500

        Reserve Champion                $1500

        3rd overall                                 $300

        4th overall                                 $200

        5th overall                                 $100               


KCBS Categories: chicken, ribs, pork and brisket categories as follows:


         1st place                            $400 (x4)

         2nd place                           $300 (x4)

         3rd place                            $200 (x4)

         4th place                            $100 (x4)

         5th place                              $75 (x4)

         6th place                              $75 (x4)

         7th place                              $50 (x4)

         8th place                              $50 (x4)

         9th place                              $50 (x4)

       10th place                              $50 (x4)

BBQ Vendors Competition

Who will be crowned the 2018 Rock'n Ribville BBQ Vendor Champion? Are your barbeque skills something to rave about? Bring your best smoker and show Gwinnett County what you’ve got!  Only BBQ Vendors are eligible to compete in the People's Choice Award!

Rock'n Ribville attracts over 14,000 BBQ enthusiasts from across the Southeast to Lawrenceville and that requires a lot of barbeque and brew to keep them happy! Vendor booths for BBQ establishments are $500 and allow the individual businesses to set their own pricing for food throughout the day, retaining 100% of the profit. If you are interested in competing for this year's title and ultimate bragging rights, apply either on-line or by mail below.

2018 Vendor Application.pdf